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Multiple64J10Collector Box and Trap Assembly475.00

Collector Box and Trap Assembly used in Armstrong; Lennox equipment. Replaces Part Numbers: 64J10; 18J2101; LB-68198; LB68198; LB-66579A; LB66579A. Used in Armstrong; Lennox models: 90UGFA2-50-1; 90UGFA2-50-3; 90UGFA2-50-4; 90UGFA2-50-5; 90UGFA2-50-6; 90UGFA3-75-1; 90UGFA3-75-3; 90UGFA3-75-4; 90UGFA3-75-5; 90UGFA3-75-6; G26Q2-50-1; G26Q2-50-2; G26Q2-50-3; G26Q2-50-4; G26Q2-50-5; G26Q2-50-6; G26Q3-50-1; G26Q3-50-2; G26Q3-50-3; G26Q3-50-4; G26Q3-50-5; G26Q3-50-6; G26Q3-75-1; G26Q3-75-2; G26Q3-75-3; G26Q3-75-4; G26Q3-75-5; G26Q3-75-6; G32Q3-75-1; G32Q3-75-2; G32Q3-75-3; G32Q3-75-5; G32Q3-75-6; G32Q3-75-9; G32V3-75-1; G32V3-75-3; G32V3-75-4; G32V3-75-5; G32V3-75-6.


Package Quantity1
TypeCollector Box and Trap Assembly