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Multiple50M56U-751Integrated Furnace Control260.00

Single Stage HSI Integrated Furnace Control used in Braynt; Carrier; Day & Night; Payne equipment. Kit Includes: 50M56-751 ignition control board; Set of interconnect harnesses; Manual; Bag of accessories. Technical Specifications: System Diagnostic LED with Fault Recall; Low-Speed Continuous Fan Option; 120 VAC Ignitor Output; 120 or 24 VAC Humidifier Output; 120 VAC Electronic Air Cleaner Output; Self-Test Installation Routine. Replaces Part Numbers: 50M56U-751; 50M56U751; 325878-751; 325878751; HK 42FZ 004; HK42FZ004; HK 42FZ 007; HK42FZ007; HK 42FZ 008; HK42FZ008; HK 42FZ 009; HK42FZ009; HK 42FZ 011; HK42FZ011; HK 42FZ 013; HK42FZ013; HK 42FZ 016; HK42FZ016; HK 42FZ 034; HK42FZ034; ICM282A.


Package Quantity1
TypeIntegrated Furnace Control