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Multiple/ICM1069364Heat Pump Defrost Timer200.00

Heat Pump Defrost Timer. Ultra low cost. High power relay outputs for 1/2 horsepower fan or strip heat. Outdoor fan and reversing valve relay integrated into design. Anti-banger feature energizes the reversing valve 10 seconds after the outdoor fan relay allowing for pressure equalization. Specifications Input Voltage: 18 to 30 Vac; Frequency: 50/60 Hz; Power Consumption: 1 watt maximum. Output Type: Relay; Form: SPST, N.O.; Rating: 10 amps @ 24 VAC RVS,CC; Type: Triac; Form: SPST, N.O.; Rating: 10 amps @ 240 VAC. FAN Type: Relay; Form: SPST, N.O.; Rating: 10 amps @ 240 VAC. Time Delays Anti-Short Cycle Delay: 3 minutes; Defrost Time: Fixed 10 minutes + 5%; Interval Time Between Defrosts: Pin-selectable 30/60/90 minutes; Test Time: Short across test terminals reduces test time 256x; Power on Reset Time: 0 - 5 seconds. Replaces Part Numbers: 1069364; ICM304; ICM304C; B13-629; B13629. Used in Comfortmaker; Heil; Intercity Prodcuts (ICP); Snyder General; Tempstar Models: AHP018AWA1; AHP024AWA1; AHP036AWA1; AHP036AZA1; AHP048AZA1; AHP060AZA1; CBY036FB1; CBY036FB2; CBY036HA1; CBY036HA2; CBY036HB1; CBY048FB1; CBY048FB2; CBY048HA1; CBY048HA2; CBY048HB1; CBY060FB1; CBY060FB2; CBY060HA1; CBY060HA2; CBY060HB1; CH5518VKC1; CH5518VKC2; CH5518VKC3; CH5518VKD1; CH5524VKC1; CH5524VKC2; CH5524VKC3; CH5524VKD1; CH5530VKC1; CH5530VKC2; CH5530VKD1; CH5530VKD2; CH5530VKDA; CH5536VHC1; CH5536VHC2; CH5536VHD1; CH5536VKC1; CH5536VKC2; CH5536VKD1; CH5536VKDA; CH5536VLD1; CH5536VLD2; CH5542VKC1; CH5542VKC2; CH5542VKD1; CH5542VKDA; CH5548VHC1; CH5548VHC2; CH5548VHD1; CH5548VKC1; CH5548VKC2; CH5548VKD1; CH5548VLD1; CH5548VLD2; CH5560VHC1; CH5560VHC2; CH5560VHD1; CH5560VKC1; CH5560VKC2; CH5560VKD1; CH5560VLD1; CH5560VLD2; CH9518VKB1; CH9518VKB2; CH9518VKC1; CH9518VKC2; CH9518VKCA; CH9524VKA9; CH9524VKB1; CH9524VKB2; CH9524VKC;1 CH9524VKCA; CH9530VKA9; CH9530VKB1; CH9530VKB2; CH9530VKC1; CH9530VKCA; 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Package Quantity1
TypeHeat Pump Defrost Timer