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MultipleCES0110063-02Heat Pump Defrost Control Board195.00

Heat Pump Defrost Control Board used in Bryant; Carrier; Day & Night; Payne equipment. On or about 08/23/1993, the below series units were produced with the CESO130024 Defrost Control Board. This control uses the same time/temperature function as the CESO110063 Defrost Control Board. The CESO130024 does not have the five minute time delay function. The below series units were built with reciprocating compresssors. All scroll compressor units will continue to have the five minute cycle protection. The CESO110063 can be used as a replacement for the control CESO130024 and a five minute delay can be added to the units safety circuit if desired. Wiring Harness part number for this Heat Pump Defrost Control Board is 317497-701(sold separately). Replaces Part Numbers: CES0110063-02; CES011006302; CES0110063; CES0110063-00; CES011006300; CESO110063-01; CESO11006301; CESO110063-02A; CESO11006302A. Used in Bryant; Carrier; Day & Night; Payne Air Conditioning Models: 38YCA018; 38YCA024; 030331-341; 38YCA036341; 38YCA036351; 38YCA036541; 38YCA036631; 38YCA036641; 38YCN024; 38YCN030; 036331-341; 38YKB018321; 38YMA018; 38YMA024; 38YMA030; 38YMA036-C; 661BJX018; 661BJX024; 661BJX030-D; 661BJX030-E; 661BXJ036-E; 661BXJ036-F; 661BEX036-D; 661BEX036-E; 661BPX036-D; 661BPX036-E; 661NJX024; 661NJX030; 661NJX036-D; 661NJX036-E; 693CNX018-C; 694CNX018; 694CNX024; 694CNX030; 694CNX036-C; 810AJX018; 810AJX024-D; 810AJX030; 810AJX036-C; 38YRA models; 38YRA030300. Used in Resco Models: HA1BJX018; HA1BJX024-D; HA1BJX030; HA1BJX036-C.


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TypeDefrost Control Board