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MultipleB13400251S1/6 HP, 208/230 Volt , 1-Speed, 1075 RPM Condenser Fan Motor245.00

1/6 Horsepower; 208/230 Volt; 1-Speed; 1075 RPM OEM Condenser Fan Motor. Technical Specifications: 1/6 Horsepower; 208/230 Volt; 1-Speed; 1075 RPM; 1.0 AMPs; 60 Hz. Replaces Part Numbers: B13400251S; 5KCP39BGP870S; F48F96A01. Used in Amana; Goodman; Janitrol Models: CA17-1; CA24-1; CE12-1; CE12-1A; CE19-1A; CE25-1A; CE30-HB; CK36-1; CK36-1A; CK36-1C; CK36-1D; CK36-1E; CK36-1T; CK36-3; CK36-3A; CK36-3D; CKL36-1; CKL36-1D; CKL36-1E; CKL36-1F; CKL36-1G; CKL36-1H; CKL36-1K; CKL36-1L; CKL36-3; CKL36-3A; CKL36-3B; CKL36-3K; CKL36-3L; CKLB36-1; CKLB36-1D; CKLB36-1E; CKLB36-1F; CKLB36-1G; CKLB36-1H; CKLB36-3; CL18-1A; CL24-1A; CL30-1A; CL35-1; CL35-3; CM18-1; CM25-1; CM30-1A; CM36-1; CM42-1; CP18-1D; CP24-1D; CP25-1D; CP30-1D; CPL18-1D; CPL24-1D; CPL30-1D; CPL36-1D; GPG10240451A; GPG10240701A; GPG10300701A; GPGA024045X1; GPGA024070X1; GPGA030070X1; ME42-1; MK36-1; MK36-1A; MK36-1D; MK36-1E; ML36-1; PCK024-1; PCK024-1A; PCK024-1C; PCK024-1F; PCK030-1; PCK030-1A; PCK030-1C; PCK030-1F; PCK036-1; PCK036-1A; PCK036-1C; PCK036-1F; PCK036-3; PCK036-3A; PCK036-3B; PCK036-3C; PCK036-3F; PGB024050-1; PGB024050-1A; PGB024075-1; PGB024075-1A; PGB030050-1; PGB030050-1A; PGB030050-1B; PGB030075-1; PGB030075-1A; PGB030075-1B; PGB030100-1; PGB030100-1A; PGB030100-1B; PGB036050-1; PGB036050-1A; PGB036075-1; PGB036075-1A; PGB036075-3; PGB036075-3A; PGB036075-3B; PGX018040-1; PHB024-1; PHB030-1; PHK024-1; PHK024-1A; PHK024-1B; PHK024-1F; PHK030-1; PHK030-1A; PHK030-1B; PHK030-1F; PHK030-M1; PHK030-M1A; PHK030-M1B; PHK030-M1F; RQ818-1J; RQ824-1J; RQ830-1J; RQ836-1J; RQ918-1J; RQ924-1J; RQ930-1J; RQ936-1J; XCL050-C2S; XCL070-C2S; XCL085-C2S. Recommend replacing the Motor Run Capacitor when replacing the Condenser Fan Motor. Capacitor size: 5 MFD/370 Volt. Capacitor Part Numbers: CAP5O370 for Oval Capacitor or CAP5R370 for Round Capacitor.


Package Quantity1
TypeCondenser Fan Motor